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LoMag Warehouse Management - a simple, intuitive program

LoMag has been created to make the management of warehouses easy. The program is great for all companies which have warehouses requiring efficient management. Our client list includes companies and institutions of various profiles of activity:

  • Trade companies - full listing of stock levels
  • Service companies - warehouse management, resources usage
  • Production companies - listing of values and quantities of materials and products
  • Construction industry - materials consumption and electric equipment condition control
  • Catering, hotels and restaurants - current information about warehouse reserves
  • Publishing, advertising, accounting, electronic equipment, plumbing and electric systems, repairs, cosmetics - stock levels
  • Institutions, offices, foundations, agriculture and forestry - keeping equipment registers
  • e-commerce - sales on online auction websites
  • Private use and hobby e.g. cataloguing of collections
  • A list of clients who bought LoMag Warehouse Management

DISCOUNT! The price for the program is only 28 EUR net or 30 USD !
(The price includes a lifetime licence and basic technical support for 12 months)



What makes our inventory management software stand out:

  • An Intuitive and friendly user interface created in the modern Microsoft .Net technology. Database based on stable Microsoft SQL Server engine that gives full support for multiuser access.
  • The support of prices and accounts is optional - you may hide it and keep only a quantitative register of items
  • You may adjust the precision of the calculations to your needs: the number of decimal places for the displayed prices and values may be configured
  • Very easy creation and correction of Goods Received Notes, Goods Issued Notes, Internal Goods Received Notes, Internal Goods Issued Notes, Interbranch Transfers, corrections, inventories, discounts
  • Support of LIFO, FIFO, barcodes, data collections and label printers
  • A label designer which enables you to create your own labels (also on divided A4 paper)
  • A graphic document editor for designing your own printout templates with photographs and barcodes
  • Operation on many computers, user authorisations, support of an unlimited number of independent warehouses
  • A possibility to configure reports, which may be transferred to an Excel file with one click.
  • Import and export of data from Excel, support of PDF files. Possibility of defining dedicated columns for warehouse documents, items and accounts.
  • Invoice Module - documents: VAT Invoice, Bill (invoice without VAT), invoice correction, Proforma invoice
  • Order Module - documents: Offer, Order from customer, Order to supplier

Managing your warehouse will be even easier thanks to:

  • Support of popular barcodes EAN, UPC, CODE 39, CODE 128, QR CODE
  • LoMag Inventory Management supports readers, data collectors and label printers
  • Inventory Management programs and a code scanner for Android will change your phone into a data collector
  • Automatic download of customer data from GUS server basing on the Tax Identification Number
  • Item list on which you can add your own fields describing the item, photos and links to files and pages
  • Creating your own filters in tables which facilitates data search
  • Multilingual program interface with ready printouts in English and Russian
  • Support of all currencies and automatic download of all exchange rates from the Polish National Bank
  • Defining and visual tracking of interrelations between various documents in the system
  • Own alerts warning against various events: e.g. minimal stock reached, unpaid invoice …
  • Our inventory management programs enable working through the internet with a joint database in a cloud

New : Inventory Management programs for Windows and LoMag MSSQL for Android may work together on a joint database!




New: LoMag for Windows and LoMag MSSQL for Android can work together on a common database!

New: We've created software for data collectors with Win CE 5 and 6 and Windows Mobile operating online on a common LoMag database.