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Downloading the DEMO version for Windows

To download the DEMO version of LoMag Inventory Management click the button below, then save and launch. The installation program will automatically check whether the Microsoft SQL libraries are available, if not it will install those libraries on the computer.

Download LoMag + SQL 2012

If you already have installed the SQL 20012 libraries or their newer versions, all you have to do is to download and install LoMag (15 MB). The version without the SQL libraries may also be installed on client computers which are connected with another computer which plays the role of a server.

LoMag without SQL

To launch LoMag, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 libraries are required. These libraries are usually installed along with Windows. If not, a communication might come up with the first launch that the “Microsoft function needs to be added. Libraries can be also installed here: .NET Framework 4.6

LoMag MS SQL for Android devices

The program require WiFi or Internet connection to server with the LoMag database. Program can be installed from Google Play store free of charge, the full version requires an additional license.

Download LoMag for Android

LoMag for data collectors running Win CE

We created a simplified version of LoMag for collectors that supports the basic functions (Item card, GRN, GIN, Inventory) including support for prices, locations, serial numbers, expiration dates and series.

The program require WiFi or Internet connection to server with the LoMag database. The collector should also run a program, which san codes in the background (for Zebra: DataWedge for Argox: Scanner / Scan Demo). Then copy the following CAB file to the collector and install.

Download LoMag for WinCE

Frequently asked questions regarding the DEMO version:

How long may I use the DEMO version?

The DEMO version may be launched 30 times. It is a fully functional version of he program created for you to familiarise with the functionalities of LoMag free of charge and without any risk

Does the DEMO version operate in a network?

YES. On any number of computers, also with WinCE and our Android software.

What is the difference between the DEMO version and the full version?

There are no differences in the functionalities of both of the versions. The DEMO version is time-limited and stops working after you have run it 30 times.

Can I continue to work on the data I entered in the DEMO version?


Does the program have any limitations, e.g. the number of warehouses, items?

NO. The program supports any number of warehouses, items, accounts, documents. The program has been tested on thousands of elements. Only the size of the Microsoft SQL Express database, i.e. 10GB, limits the amount of data. In practise this stands for many MILLIONS OF ENTRIES. There is also a possibility of buying a more advanced version of Microsoft SQL Server: Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise, which does not have limits as regards the size of the database.