Advanced Ordering Options - Blocking Ordered Items

By accepting orders from recipients it may turn out that customers demand more goods than we have in stock. LoMag software allows you to protect yourself from such a situation, as there's no need to issue more order documents for recipients of a given item than their actual stock. In addition, the program user can add additional columns to the window for easier warehouse management.

1. Configuring the Column layout

In order to display additional columns in the item list, click on the 'setting' icon at the bottom part of the window. This will display a new window responsible for the column settings.

On the left side of the window, hidden columns are displayed, we can move them to the right column (visible) by double-clicking on a specific name with the left mouse button or selecting the desired position and using the forward icon to transfer it to the right side. In the following example, we have moved available and ordered columns to the right side. Accept the changes by pressing the OK button.

After completing the previous step, you can see that the list has two columns added by us, their position in the table will depend on where they were placed in the column settings window.

2. Order from the Customer without Blocking any Item

To place an order from the customer, go to the Documents tab and select the 'order from the customer' option from the drop-down menu, click on its icon or use the F9 key.

In the new document window, as in the previous heading of the manual, columns with the names Available, Ordered and Current stock level in which all necessary information about the item will be displayed - will allow us to analyze orders without having to switch to the goods catalogue window. By using the 'Add' button, we will display a window with the possibility of adding the item to the document.

Choose the goods to be placed on the 'order document from the customer'. It will display its current status in the warehouse - in our example, it is 700 pcs. The next step is to determine the number of goods we want to place on the document. In the example without the lock enabled, we will present the possibility of introducing more goods than its current stock level in the warehouse - 800 pieces. Then we confirm the entered values with the OK button.

The product declared by us has been placed on the document. In the available column, you can see the value -100.00, which results from the difference in the value of the Current stock column 700.00 minus the ordered column 800.00.

To save the document, click the 'save' button, which will add the document in the list of orders from customers.

3. Order from the Customer with a Blocked Settings

In order to configure the LoMag software, the amount of product on the document for the customer should not exceed its current quantity in the warehouse; go to the settings by clicking on its icon in the main menu. In the settings window, select the 'Order from the Customer' document type.

In the setting for the selected document, check the option 'Block items on customer orders' and confirm the change of settings by pressing OK button.

Now open the order from customer document and add the item as we did in the previous steps.

In the window of adding a new product to the document, we again select Samsung Galaxy S6, enter the number of 800 pieces and confirm the entered data with the OK button. With the blocking option enabled, the LoMag program will inform you in the communication that the quantity ordered exceeds its stock level. Close the window with the message by clicking the OK button - which will cause the user to be able to edit the adding of the product to the document in order to improve the field with the quantity of the declared item marked with a red exclamation tag.