Setting of Alarms in the LoMag Warehouse Software.

1. Defining a New Alarm.

In order to define a new alarm in the LoMag Warehouse Software, first select the Items option present at top of the window or simply use Cntrl+T shortcut to open the list of item. You can also click on symbol to open the list of item. A window opens showing you the list of items present in your warehouse system as shown below;

Now, click the double bulb symbol (Alerts) present at the bottom of the window. A dialogue box opens as shown below;

Click on the add option, select Stock level from drop-down list and hit the OK button.

Select the stock level less than and enter 20 value in the empty box. Click OK button and item list windows appears.

All the items having stock levels less than 20 are marked with red colour. The red highlighter highlights the entire row of only those products whose stock levels are less than 20 in the present warehouse.

2. Adding more Restrictions in the Alarm.

Previous example shows the simple example of alerts, however, if you want to add more restrictions then again click on the alert option and this time selects the unit from drop-down list.

Enter kg in the empty box and press OK.

The red highlighter marked the row which has stock level less than 20 and units are in kg.

3. Exclusion of Selected Goods from Alarm Settings.

In order to remove any group of goods from list choose the group option from the drop-down menu.

Lets suppose we do not want to view the list of vegetables, for this select NOT CONTAINS option and type vegetables in the empty box. Click OK button.

Now, list only shows the rows which have stock level greater than 20 kg units and do not belongs to group vegetables.

4. Change of Alarm Colours and Display of Goods

You can change the colour of alerts in LoMag software, for this; first add another stock level in your list. While adding another same column in the list, LoMag ask permission whether you really want to add the same column. Click on Yes option;

Then add the stock level >5, and for this we need to change the colour otherwise, list will include the remaining instruction with the same colour. In order to change, select the appropriate colour from available palette. Click the OK button after selection.

The colour will be changed in the alarm window.

Now, these selected parameters show you the red and yellow highlighted rows. The yellow colour is for stock level >5.

5. Deactivation of Alarms.

In order to deactivate alarm click on the alert option and select the lock button and hit OK. This will lock the entire parameter in the list.

To display it again, click the unblock option.