Editing Blocked Document

Sometimes it may happen that the LoMag warehouse program is closed incorrectly e.g. system failure, power outage. Meanwhile, if the user is working on a document and system is closed accidently then that document will be blocked by the system, even logging in to LoMag again will not allow editing of the document. The following message will be displayed, this will mean that you will not be able to edit important data on the document.

To enable the re-editing the document, use the users tab and select the blocked documents option from the drop-down list, which will display a new window with a list of all blocked documents in LoMag.

By selecting the document with the left mouse button (highlighting it in blue), we can unblock it via the delete button. It is also possible to unlock all documents on the list by pressing the delete all button. Performing the above operations will unlock the documents and allow you to edit them again.