How to Add Calculated Profit Column in the Offer

A detailed description of the dedicated columns can be found at this address, where in-depth description of calculation type columns is explained in chapter 2.4. The following sub-chapters will present examples which is commonly needed by LoMag's customers while using warehouse program.

1. Dedicated Column to Calculate Profit in Offer

Some users want to know how much profit they have from the product / offer they are going to sell which can't be seen from the document. But to inform you visually how much we earn from a given transaction and to avoid a situation for not taking order from the customer e.g. when a discount is unacceptably high and avoiding financially loss offer, we created a dedicated column. It has a calculation type and the following expression: (net price - value of item / quantity of item - discount) * quantity.

When creating a new offer document for which we have to configure the calculation column, click on the 'Add' button to add the item. A new window will be displayed in which the item name and its parameters should be defined first. In the screenshot below, you can see that the added item has a five-piece voice recorder. It was purchased at USD 32, its selling price is USD 52 net minus a discount of three dollars, which ultimately gives us USD 49.23 net with a discount. Pressing the OK button will add the item to the document.

In order to see the columns with profit on the document, you need to configure the column layout, the detailed instructions for configuring columns in LoMag can be found in this manual in chapter number two . In order to display our additional profitable column, use the layout icon to open a new window responsible for the column settings.

Hidden columns are displayed on the left side of the window, we can move them to the right column (visible) by double-clicking on a specific name with the left mouse button or by selecting the desired item and using the forward arrow button to move it to the right position. In the example below, we've moved the profit column to the right. Confirm the changes by pressing the OK button.

After completing the previous step, you can see that the column we added appeared in the list, its position in the table will be according to column settings window. In order to verify the correctness of displaying data in the profit column, calculations should be made according to the scheme that has been introduced i.e (net price - value of item / quantity of item - discount) * quantity.

We have introduced 5 items purchased at the price of 32 USD, and we sell them after 52 USD net price less the discount amount of 3 USD. Profit on one piece is USD 49.23 - USD 32 = USD 17, while for five pieces USD 17 * 5 = USD 85.