Clearing the Database of LoMag Software

When a person runs warehouse, then at sometimes it is necessary to update the whole management program and not only complete update but the removal, deletion and cleaning becomes crucial for successful operation of a system. For this, removal and deletion of database files is mandatory. LoMag software provides you this function. You can significantly clean, delete and remove the warehouse database by following three ways;

  1. Store Cleaning; removes invoice documents from the existing warehouse,
  2. Magazine deletion; deletion of documents and goods of any warehouse by analyzing the performance of contractors, users and software notification,
  3. Removal of database; erasing data, files, documents of the software.

Lets discuss each method one by one;

1. Cleaning the Warehouse

In order to clean the warehouse database, move your cursor to the program tab present at the top left corner of the window. Select the Open warehouse option from the drop-down list.

Or you can use CTRL+ O keyboard shortcut in order to open the warehouse. A new window will open in which you can manage and view the existing warehouses.

Now, select the warehouse which you want to delete. After selecting the desired warehouse, right click the selected warehouse and move your cursor to the ''clean the warehouse'' option.

This will clean the data of the selected warehouse.

2. Deleting a Warehouse

In order to delete a warehouse, click the delete option present at the top of a window. A new dialogue box opens for confirming the decision of user. Confirm your setting by clicking the YES button of next window.

After doing this, another window appears which require the final decision of the user. Hit the YES option. This will delete the entire warehouse.

At present we have only one warehouse, therefore, an empty window will appears as shown below;

3. Removal of Database Files

For complete removal of database files including the details of contractors, users, documents and program settings of the software, specify the source path of the program. You know that when you installed the software you store it in the folder and used the shortcut at the desktop. However, if you do not know the exact location, then search the directory of computer. Now, right click the software icon as shown in the picture below and select the properties tool.

The screen of LoMag properties will open, choose the open file location and confirm the settings by clicking the OK button.

The above procedure will take the user to the folder of LoMag program, where all the directories of the software are installed. Now, in order to delete the data, open the folder of database.

The folder of database contains two folders with the name of "company" and "company_log". After deleting these files, the program will be restored to its initial and fresh version- the one which was initially installed by the user.