Company Branches, Entering Various Bank accounts, Setting Currencies

The LoMag warehouse program allows you to add branches for the company, which may differ in address data, bank account numbers, and supported currencies. Adding another branch account to LoMag software enables faster issuing of desired documents without interfering with the template editor. All you need to do is to select the appropriate branch position for the supported currency from the drop-down list.

1. Adding a New Branch

To add a new branch, open the LoMag settings window by clicking on the 'settings' icon. In the new window switch to the Company tab.

On the left side of the newly opened window, you can see the details of the company's branch i.e. its name, tax identification number, address, bank details and in what currencies it supports warehouse documents (in the screenshot below the branch called 'To learn - EURO' supports only the Euro currency). On the right, we have a list of accounts existing in LoMag. The account in the first position is the default position on documents, this means that when creating a new warehouse document, this branch of the company will always be set up first. In the following case, it is a 'main account company'.

To add a new branch, use the add button and then fill in the branch details on the left. In the example below, the name of the 'Russia and Poland' department was introduced, which is located in Moscow. The bank account number, bank and BIC / SWIFT code (for international transfers) have been changed, and the supported currencies for this branch are Polish zloty and Russian ruble. Save the changes by pressing the OK button.

2. Deleting a Branch

To delete a branch, select it on the left with the left mouse button (highlighting the name with blue background), and then press the close button. Note! You cannot delete the main account (the first on the list) - and those where the branch is being used by the already issued documents.

3. Issuing Documents without Currency Amount

If the document does not have the currency in which the item is to be settled, the LoMag warehouse program allows you to select all existing branches in the system. For example, below is the screenshot for the issue document from the warehouse where the default LoMag company is set (the first in the position of companies in the settings), and you can choose from the other three existing names in the software database.

4. Generating Documents with Currency Selection

In the event that we can choose the currency on the document, the program will limit the possibility of a branch that can issue it. If the currency on the document is Polish zloty, a branch that is set up to handle invoices only in Euro will not be able to generate such a document. The example below presents invoicing in Polish zlotys, it meant that in selecting branches of companies it is not possible to choose the position 'Company to learn - Euro', which was not defined in the service settings for the Polish currency (the only currency set was the euro).

When generating a document for a branch of the company called 'To learn - Russia and Poland', we can notice in the print preview that the branch selling / issuing the document is in Moscow, and its account number and BIC / SWIFT data are consistent with what was introduced when adding a new branch.

By choosing the Euro currency on the document, the LoMag software user will no longer be able to choose "Russia and Poland" branch, and he will be able to choose a branch called "To learn - Euro". By generating a print preview, the user may notice that address and bank details have been changed. The amount of the payment is expressed in euros now.