Correction Invoice Manual

The LoMag warehouse program provides two different methods for the correction of the invoices;

  1. Correction of formal errors (Account's TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) error, Account's address error, description errors, date errors etc).
  2. Correction of items in the invoice documents (returning goods or items, changing price, paying back to the customer, giving of rap etc).

In this manual, we will discuss these two methods in detail. Let's start with the first one;

1. Issuance of Correction Invoice from the List of Documents

To issue a correction invoice, select the documents tab present at the top of the menu and move your cursor to the invoice option. This will open the list of invoice documents as shown below;

Now, click on the edit option. By clicking on this option, you can edit the documents. Choose the Generate FK option in the drop-down list of Generate GIN button.

1.1 Correcting Invoice from the Main Menu

The second method to correct the invoice document is from the main menu. Click on the new invoice option as shown in the picture. This will open the window and select the desired invoice.

Click on the edit tab and you can change the prices of goods (the second type of correction). Select any item or add the any item, then click on the edit button. This will open a new window with the multiple editing options. Now, you can change anything of the selected item such as price or VAT rate.

If you wish to remove or delete any item, select the desired item and click on the delete button. You can also do this by changing the status of the issued item to ZERO.

After removing or deleting the item from the editor window. Click on the print preview option. You can easily see the difference before and after the correction of the invoice. This helps us to calculate how much money we have to give the customer's account for returning the goods.

Click on 'save' option in the editor window. The program will ask you whether you want to save the changes or not. Choosing the Yes button will automatically save the adjustment in the warehouse.

In the newly created document, you can see the quantity of goods in the magazine. Close your document by confirming your decision.

1.2 Checking the Correct Invoice Documents

To view the list of correction invoices, click on the document tab and select the Correction Invoice option from the drop-down list.

In order to edit the invoice, double click on the selected item with the left mouse button. You can also do this by selecting the appropriate invoice and select the Edit button.

Before editing the document, it is better to check its connection with other invoices. For this purpose, click on the linkage button, it will display a new window showing you the connection with other documents.

In linkage window, you can see the flow of goods in documents. Double click on the selected document in order to open it.

1.3 Correction of Edited Invoice Document

The LoMag software enables the users to correct the invoice several times. As we did the correction of the invoice document in the above steps. So, in order to do further correction in the invoice document; click on the 'correction invoice' option present at the top of the menu bar. This will display a window with the list of invoices, where you can select the previous corrected invoices.

By performing the previous steps, program will ask whether you want to do further correction or not. Click on the YES button. .

Now, you can edit or correct the invoice document. The user has the option to remove or delete the goods from the list.

For example, the amount of products can be changed in a document. Change the quantity of banana goods from 10 to 5 kilograms and add the Apple item having an amount of 5kg.

After performing these changes, check the print preview of a document in which you can see the changes. Check out the picture below .

Confirm your decision by clicking the save button in the editor window. This will add all the adjustments in the warehouse.