Discounts in LoMag Program: Percentage, Quota and Threshold Discount

The LoMag application allows users to create price discounts with different preferences according to the order of documents and invoices. Discounts can be defined based on the following options :

  1. Percentage, quota, threshold and price discounts.
  2. Discounts for a specific group of clients.
  3. Discounts in a specific time range.
  4. Discounts for specific goods or groups of goods.

1. Launching Discounts in the LoMag Software

In order to launch discounts in LoMag program, click on the settings icon present at the corner of the main menu. Under the documentation tab, select the 'Support of discounts on invoices and orders' option and click the OK button.

From the above option, LoMag software will search the modules for discounts. The main module of the discount function can be found under the item tab with the name of 'discount' as shown below.

In this option, we find all available discounts and the options to create and manage them.

You can also find the options of adding discounts directly in the items and contractor's list, as well as on the order and invoice documents. The elements of discounts in files and on documents have been described and illustrated later in this manual.

2. Add a New Discount in the LoMag Program

In order to add a new discount; click on the 'Add' option in the discount window. The screen for defining a new discount will be opened.

The process of defining a new discount begins with the introduction of a name, and then we determine the information of contractors, goods and time period assigned to the specific discount. In the last step, we define the value and type of discount.

In the further part of this manual, various combinations of creating discounts will be presented, and will discuss some other operations in this manual.

3. Discount 1: For Wholesale Customers

The first discount we create in the LoMag application is named as 'discount for wholesale customers'. It will be a discount setting for all the customers and goods without any time limit and also depends on the quantity of the purchased product. For assumption, we can assume that a wholesale customer is a customer who purchases those items from us that more than 10 units. For such a wholesale customer, we have a 5% discount. We can also set offers for larger wholesale customers, so if they acquire more or even 20 units of goods, then a discount of 10% can be allocated to such customers.

The above discount is defined as follows:

Where for the item, check the last option and then click on the threshold button to define the thresholds value of the discount. Now, add the first discount threshold value by clicking on the 'Add' button.

Now, determine the upper and lower limit of the threshold value. For 5 percentage of the constant value, which is allocated to wholesale contractors, wishes to buy equal or more than 20 units of the item, we are defining upper limit 19 and lower limit of 10. The upper limit range is higher than the lower limit for the customers; want to buy more than 20 units. Click on the 'save' button.

This will load the discount threshold in the window.

After adding the first threshold, we will add another discount value for contractors purchasing our goods in an amount greater than or equal to 20 units.

Again, specify the minimum quantity (in the lower box area) with a value of 20 units, the discount size is 10%. And if there is no next discount threshold, then the maximum quantity (or upper limit) of purchased goods with a discount is determined by the "no limit" field. Check the field of no limit, this will lock the upper limit range, specify the other quantities and click the save button as shown below.

This will load another discount in the window.

As a result, the quantity of threshold will be changed from 0 to 2. In this way, we have created our "Wholesale Discount" for our wholesale contractors. Click on the save button to confirm the settings.

4. Checking the Operation of the Discount

To check the discount, create a new order document from the customer. For this, click the bucket icon present at the top of the menu or use shift+F9 shortcut key and add a new item to the document.

After entering the sample item, the default quantity "1" will be issued. As we can see there is no available discount option in the discount list.

So let's add the wholesale quantity for the first threshold, i.e. any number between 10 to 19 range. The discount list will look like.

As we can see above, after entering the number between 10 and 19, a discount rate of 5% appeared in our discount list. So let's see what will happen after the introduction of the number of goods greater than 20 units.

As we can see above, after introducing the number greater than or equal to 20 in the list of discounts, the appropriate discount (10% discount) will be appeared. To use this discount, select this value by clicking on it. We have also changed net and purchase price as shown in the screenshot below.

In order to add a product with the above discount in the document we use the 'OK' button. When adding items to a document, we can also edit the selected discount by using the edit tool. In addition, we can create a completely new discount directly in the document (by using the add option).

4. Discount 2: For all Customers and only Specific Range of Goods.

The next discount we create in the LoMag software can be shortly defined as a promotional discount for all customers including specific range of goods with a time limit (for example, promotion until the end of the month). We assume that the promotion includes the value of 0.30 monetary units (PLN) discount.

We will create the discount by following previous steps :

We have name the discount as Promotional Discount '' Potatoes'' until the end of 02, 2019. All the accounts option, selected group of items and constant price of 0.30 are defined below. In addition, the scope range is completed in the month of February. For selecting the group of item, click on it.

To add the item, click the icon 'Add' button. A search window will be appeared, in which we select one or several items that we want to place in the discount and then click the OK button. For our example, we have chosen the "Potatoes" item. Close the window after selecting the product.

In this way, we have defined a selected group of goods (see below). We save our second discount and switch to a customer order document for illustrating its operation.

Now, open the new order customer document as we did before. Choosing our promotional product of potatoes for a customer order document is available as shown below. Our discount reduces the price of the product by the value of -0.30.

If we introduce a larger quantity of goods, e.g. 33 units, we will also find our previously created wholesale discount for customers purchasing more or 20 units for a given product.

5. Discount 3: For a Specific Customer, Needs a Specific Range of Goods

The next discount is defined as a fixed discount for a specific customer having one desired assortment. We assume that this time, we will set a new price of the product for this customer.

We will define the discount as below :

For accounts, check the selected group of contractors option. For items, check the selected group of commodities option. Select the 'All the time' option and for discount value, choose the new price option.

Now, in order to define contractor specification and group of commodities, click on the account icon. This will open a new window in which you can add multiple accounts’ name. After selecting the name of contractor, click on the close button.

In the same way, we will add the list of discount items.

The last step is to specify a new price for the discount value. Our item "Potatoes", which was used in this example, has a price of 2 units / kg. The new price is set at 1.50 units per kilogram by entering it in the box. Click on the 'Save' button after entering the value.

After saving the discount value, open the ''Offers'' document by clicking on its icon or use shift+F8 shortcut keyboard key. In order for the discount to be available, we first select our contractor (John David) for the document and then add the item to it.

After selecting our discount, the price has been changed according to our previous arrangements.

Dedicated discounts for customers can also be defined directly in the customer's directory module by adding or editing a given contractor as discussed below.

Click on the find icon and move your cursor to the account tab. This will open the list of accounts present in the list. Now, select the name of customer and click on the discount options present at the bottom of the window.

6. Adding Automatic Discounts in the LoMag Software

As we have described the discounts in the LoMag program, we can also define them in an automatic process. We can create different combinations of discounts. LoMag software has the ability to automatically select the most favourable discount for a document at a given moment. To use this function, go to the program settings and select the below option.

From now on, when you create a document and the best matching discount will be selected automatically. Let's start with an example document and add an example of the product, e.g. "Potatoes".

As we can see, after selecting the product "Potatoes", the most favourable and available discount was automatically selected (promotional discount for Potato’s commodity). Now change the product, for example, let it be "Pears".

As we can see above, after selecting the pear product for the document, no automatic discount has appeared, because there is no defined discount for this item with such quantity. Let's change the quantity to a bigger one, for example "12" (the previously defined discount of 5% should appear to us).

As we can see above, exactly this discount has been displayed to us. So let's enter a quantity greater than or equal to 20, for example 25.

The largest possible discount (i.e. 10%) will automatically be selected.

Let's check the automatic discount again, including the customer's name for whom we have granted a 25% discount in point 5 of this manual. Choose the item name (Potatoes) and customer's name (John David).

As you can see in the screenshot above, the most favourable discount value has been selected again. If you do not want to use the automatic selection of discount function, then change the software setting by deselecting the automatic option.