Issuing and Printing Fiscal Receipts

LoMag software allows you to connect an external fiscal printer via a network or serial / USB port. This option allows user to print fiscal receipts directly from the program on a connected printer - which enables you to save documentation in the LoMag database as well as the internal printer.

Important Note!!! Do not confuse the fiscal printer with the cash register. The cash register is a device that works independently. At the cash register, you can program VAT rates for items, enter sales codes, product names directly from the keyboard or using a scanner. Names and product codes should be programmed in advance in the cash register memory. The fiscal printer is a device supplementing the workplace, where the main subject is a computer and software implementing sales. The receipt is issued in the LoMag software and the printer only prints the receipt, registering sales in its memory.

1. Configuring the Fiscal Printer

To add a printer, go to the program settings using the setting icon and then select the fiscal printouts.

The next step is to mark the second item, which is use printouts on a fiscal printer. If we do not have any currently defined printer, then press the button manage fiscal printers. In this window, you can set the system numbers from LoMag software appear on printouts (this is only available for the Thermal and Novitus protocols and in Polish version of the LoMag).

After selecting the option of managing fiscal printers, a window will appear in which you would add a new item by using the 'Add' button.

It will open the window responsible for device configuration.

Enter the name to be displayed in the LoMag software for the given printer, communication protocol and then the type of connection whether it is to be a network connection or through one of the ports available on the computer.

In the screenshot below, the Thermal / Novitus protocol and the serial / USB connection were selected. The port number was not initially specified from the drop-down list, and all other parameters were left as it is in the default settings. After pressing the Search Printer button, LoMag software detected the printer on the COM104 port and automatically completed the port number.

By pressing the test connection button - we can check whether the connection with the fiscal printer is established correctly - which will inform us by a pop-up window.

In order to check what VAT rates are configured on an external device use the VAT rates button on the printer, which will download data from the printer and display a window with the declared rates. If the user wants to change a rate on the printer, expand the list and select the desired value, and then press the OK button.

After performing this operation, the printer will display confirmation of the VAT rate change.

2. Issuing and Printing Fiscal Documents

Select the documents and open the receipts module, the user can see a list of current receipt documents or add a new one by using the 'Add' button in a new window

In the window of issuing a receipt document, it should be noted that when the printer is configured there are no buttons save as .pdf, and a template editor (since the printer uses its own print settings). The print button has been replaced with the fiscal printer button. After pressing this button, the document will be added to the LoMag database, printed and saved on a fiscal printer.