Addition of Graphics in Document

The LoMag software enables the users to add a graphic file (pictures) to either in generated file or in printed documents. The user can place these graphics in any place according to its choice. Users have two options;

  1. Load from the computer's hard disk.
  2. Pictures from SQL database.

As pictures can be added from the SQL database, therefore, it is easy for users to use pictures shared by their colleagues.

1. Add Graphic Files from Computer's Hard Disk

For adding the graphics and pictures in the document, first you need to accept the document for magazine so that you can load the graphic files. Click on the document tab and open the PZ document or any invoice document. The window of this document will be opened in front of your screen. Now, click on editor option as shown in the picture below;

For loading the graphic file, select the image icon present at the left side of the screen and hold it with mouse. Now after selecting the graphic icon drag that picture it to the document, release it with your mouse. You can see from the screenshot below that image is placed at his desired location.

After performing the above steps, software will ask you to select the source of attached image. Select the image source from the hard disk.

The performed operation will display a window, in which you can browse files on the disk, clicking on the desired graphics with the left mouse button will allow user to enter its name in the name field. With the open button, approve the addition of graphics to the document. Select the image field from the disk and click OK button.

It may turn out that the introduced graphic is too large or too small on the document. To change it, enter its size on the right side of the window or use the arrows in one of the four corners of the graphic to manually reduce / enlarge the image.

To save the template, click on the template icon and select the save option from the drop-down list. The second way is to close the window using the 'x' button in the upper right corner of the window. By clicking yes button, changes will be saved to the document.

In order to verify the changes made on the document, click on the print preview option. This will generate a print preview in front of your screen.

1.1 Deleting a Graphic file from Hard Disk

If a graphic file or image was deleted, then it would be difficult for the LoMag software to load it into the window. If there are problems with the graphic's name, then loading picture error occurs.

And in such cases, error message will be displayed by the software. Check out the figure below, where the software is displaying message. Click the OK button.

The print preview will be appeared in front of you. As you can see, there is no picture.

2. Adding an Image from the SQL Database

Using the instructions from the above steps, complete the invoice document and go to the template editor. Place the image icon on the document again. A window will appear with fields for selecting the source of the graphic. Choose the image source option from the database and confirming the decision with the OK button. This will open a new window with available graphics in the SQL database.

To add a new graphic to the database, click on the add button and find the desired image's location on the computer's hard disk and add to it.

The window shows you the list of available images saved in the SQL database; select the desired graphic and press the button. After selecting the graphic, the entire row will be highlighted with a blue colour. Now, put the image in the document by clicking on the select button.

Check the print-preview of the document. The logo of LoMag software is displayed in front of your screen.

Graphic files saved in the SQL database are available to all users. But they can only access this database, if they are connected with it. As the graphic files are stored in SQL database, therefore, if you want to move the database from one position to another, then similar database will also be appeared in new workstation.

It's a good idea to place graphics that do not exceed 500KB in size because uploading large files slow down the performance of the program.