Deleting Items from the Item List

The user of the LoMag software sometimes needs to remove the item from the list of goods for various reasons, for example it may be a simple desire to get rid of it from the list of goods that we no longer want in stock.

1. Removal of the Item from the file by Archival Setting Options

The easiest and fastest solution is to mark the item as archival. By choosing this option, we do not have to delete the item from the given product from the documents on which it is appearing. Goods can always be restored to the file by unchecking the field of archive merchandise.

To use this option, go to the item list using the 'Item' tab. Or use the item list icon, a user can also use keyboard shortcut [CTRL + T]. On the list, find the items that you want to remove from the items list, and then go to its editing window by double-clicking on it, or by selecting it and use the 'Edit' icon

In the editing window of the Samsung Galaxy S6 product, check the option 'Archival item (not used)' and confirm the changes using the 'Save' button.

This will remove the item from the list of items.

2. Complete Removal of the Item from the Warehouse

To completely get rid of the item from the warehouse, you must delete it. It may happen that the goods appear on some documents (GIN, GRN) - you should first remove items from the given documents and then delete the goods.

Attention! In the case of an attempt to remove the product that appears on the documents, the program will tell us which documents to delete. In order to delete the item, find it on the list, select it and click on the 'delete' icon or use the right mouse button and select Delete from the drop-down menu.

A new window will appear in which you must confirm the decision to delete the item by clicking the YES button.

The program informed us that the product can not be removed due to its use in documents. In addition, it gives the list of document numbers as shown below.

To check the correctness of the documents displayed in the message, select the item on the list and use the 'History' button. This will display a window with the history of warehouse movements for the selected item.

In order to remove the item from a given document, double-click it with the left mouse button - displaying the editing window for the given document.

On the list of goods, mark the item you are looking for and remove it from the document using the 'delete' button. After this operation, save and close the document.

This results in the removal of the Samsung Galaxy S6 product for a single document in the history of warehouse movements. The operations should be repeated for the remaining documents that were displayed to us in the message when trying to remove the item from the file. After doing this, the goods will be able to be removed from the list of goods files without any problems.

3. Opening Balance (OB)

To display a OB document, use the 'Documents' tab, open the 'Inventory' option and open the 'Opening Balance'.

A list of OB documents that we have in the LoMag software will be displayed. To edit, use the 'Edit' button or double-click with the left mouse button on the document.

The editing window of the Opening Balance (OB) document allows us to print a document, edit the item, remove the item from the document and many other options as shown below.