Hiding the purchase price of items from the employee

Sometimes it happens that the owner of the warehouse does not want to share the information of item's prices that are bought from contractors. For this purpose, the prices of goods in the LoMag software should be hidden from employees. To do this, you must change the policy rights of the employee in the warehouse software.

Our employee must contain a personal access to their accounts in the LoMag software and have a proper role but they can not be an administrator. How to create a new user and give it a role will be described in this manual.

For example, we assume that we have an employee of "Warehouseman 1" to which we have assigned default roles to the "Store1" in the LoMag software. Click on the 'User' tab and select the 'List of users' option from the drop-down list.

In order to set the role of users in the warehouse repeat the above step and select the 'role' option from the drop-down list

By default, the new account created having a role of Warehouse keeper allows you to view the prices of purchased goods (in stock or on sales documents).

Due to presence of above settings, an employer can directly view these settings. Check the example below;

In order to hide the visibility of these fields in the role settings for a given user, uncheck the "Visibility of purchase prices in the warehouse" and "Visibility of purchase prices on sales documents" options. There is also an option to hide the prices of goods in the warehouse, in this case you should deselect the option "Price visibility in the warehouse". Click on OK button to save the changes.

From now on, whenever the employer use his account and having the role of 'Warehouseman keeper', he will not see the purchase price of the item.

Click on any item to edit the quantity of item.

Open the GIN document and add any item. The purchase price option is disabled and user can't see other purchase options.