LoMag Database hosting (available on the Internet)

LoMag warehouse software enables the hosting services. This allows the users to connect with a database that is located on any external server. The user can easily communicate, collaborate and connect with multiple LoMag stations located at different places around the world. Companies or users, which are interested in doing so, must have following things;

  1. Internet Access.
  2. A reliable hosting service like Microsoft SQL server database.

The Microsoft SQL server can be purchased from any hosting provider (LoMag is also offering this server at cheap rates). Due to this purchase, data is available to the user. For example, check the details below;

  1. Server name: Longint.pl or IP address
  2. Instance name: (empty space).
  3. Port number: 1433.
  4. Name of database: LoMagDemo.
  5. Login: LoMagDemo.
  6. Password: *******.

Before making any connection between software and database, one of most important steps is to determine the link of Microsoft SQL server with the database. To do this, first install the complete version of Microsoft SQL server and run the software as an administrator. The window of software opens and a dialog box appears with the name of ''Connect to server''. You can also perform this operation by clicking the Object Explorer option present at the left side of window.

Now, enter the server name, login, password details and select the SQL server authentication option by clicking drop-down menu. Before making any connection, click the options button as shown below;

The window of connection Properties opens, providing you the option of selecting the name of database. Type LoMagDemo and hit the connect option.

After few seconds the software will connect the server. The left side of the window displays the names of databases. In our case, search the database of LoMag software.

Minimize the window of SQL server and open the LoMag program. Now, in order to connect the server with the LoMag, click the settings button present at the top right corner of the window. Go to the Networking tab and circle the second option, which provides the user with an option of connecting with a server as shown below;

In addition, create a backup copy of your existing database before changing the network setting of LoMag database. Type the name of server as Longint.pl and then move to towards the advanced settings.

Select the Authentication SQL server option instead of Window authentication. Type the Login and password details provided by the host. Hit the OK button after entering the name of the database (i.e. LoMagDemo).

A dialog opens as shown below. It will ask you whether you're willing to complete the procedure or not. Click the Yes option and then wait for few seconds.

After few seconds, software will inform you that network settings have been changed successfully. Since our database, which is created on the server is empty; therefore, LoMag software will create a base structure in the next step. Software would require few minutes to complete this action.