Issue error: the item already issued in documents

Sometimes it happens that LoMag users receive an error from the database and the item has already been issued in later documents, and for this reason, it is not possible to issue document from the warehouse. The following instructional manual will explain this issue in warehouse documents and its required solution.

1. Receipt and Issue of Goods from the Warehouse

For educational purposes, a new product called Samsung TV 42" with zero stocks created in the warehouse. Click on the GRN icon located at the top of menu bar. The next step is to make two warehouse receptions:

On November 27, 2019, a release document was issued from the warehouse containing 40 pieces of Samsung TV 42". There were about 30 pieces included in October delivery and 10 in November delivery.

To sum up, out of 80 available items, 40 were issued, and the same amount was left in stock, as indicated in the item list.

When trying to release an item in the date range between the first and second delivery, LoMag inventory management should return an error. The stock should display the number of 30 pieces (because the remaining 50 were received after October 28 - namely November 1). However, when you try to add at least one piece per GIN document, the software will return an error that the maximum quantity that can be spent from this delivery is 0 pieces - because all 30 we have already spent on the previous GIN document of November 27, 2019, about which the program informs us by giving its GIN number.

Let's try to issue a goods issue document (GIN) after the second receipt of goods (November 1, 2019) and before the first issue of a GIN document (November 27, 2019), we will use the example of November 18, 2019. We create a new GIN document, set the appropriate date of the document and then use the 'Add' button to adding 20 TV sets (out of 40 physically available in the warehouse) per document. Pressing the OK button will again display the error that this is not possible.

This is because the warehouse program sets releases in the warehouse from the oldest delivery to the newest. 20 items were allocated for storage on October 1, and this delivery was released in full on November 27, 2019, so it is not possible to issue any items from this delivery. Edit deliveries and enter 20 items for delivery from November 1, 2019 for a new GIN2.

2. Report between Revenue and Expenditure of Goods

Using the Reports module, and then selecting ''Relations between Goods received and issued'' from the drop-down list. The user can display a detailed window in which he will find out which delivery documents are responsible for specific deliveries.

Set the appropriate date range in the bottom left corner and then press the button filter dates in detail. After performing this operation, we will be able to notice that the entire delivery of the goods from document GRN / 19 was issued by document GIN1 / 19, and the receipt of GRN2 / 19 was included in two GIN documents with the numbers GIN1 / 19 and GIN2 / 19.