Different Language Versions of LoMag

The LoMag warehouse program enables the issuing of individual documents in warehouse modules, invoices and orders in three different language versions:

1. Issuing a Single Document in Russian

To issue a document in Russian by using the Polish interface of the LoMag warehouse software, select the printout option in the invoice document change the option and then choose "Invoice" option in Russian language from the drop-down list.

Press the template editor button to view a print preview of the document in which a LoMag user may notice that the invoice is issued in Russian.

2. Language Change of the Software Interface for a Given User

It may happen that the company conducts its activities outside the Republic of Poland, or has employees in Poland using a language other than Polish. LoMag software allows you to configure the user interface of the program in the following languages: English, Russian, Dutch. To set up the LoMag interface in English, click the users module and select the list of users option from the drop-down list.

You can edit an existing user to change the language of the software interface for him by pressing the edit button or add a new one by pressing the add button. The following screenshot shows the option of adding a new user.

Complete all options on the left of the newly opened window. On the right, select warehouse name that the user should have access to. For the interface language field, expand the list and replace the Polish language (default) with English. For instructional purposes, the administrator role was chosen to be able to show the changes in modules on screenshots after logging into the account. If all data has been entered click OK to create a new user in LoMag as shown above.

You will notice that the user has been added correctly in the list and his language interface is English.

2.1 Verifying Language Settings

After logging in to the newly created account, you can immediately notice the changes.

The warehouse selection window is completely translated into English.

The entire LoMag menu is translated into the language of your choice. Check the below picture for changes.

Below are a few random screenshots, showing the language change in the software and how interface language affects the use of the program.