Changing License Key in LoMag Software

Sometimes it happens that the user bought a larger number of modules in the LoMag warehouse software, or wants to expand the license for a larger number of positions. To change the license key, click on the 'Help' tab and select 'About LoMag' option from the drop-down list.

A new window will be displayed showing all important information about the LoMag software such as:

  1. Number of program licenses.
  2. Date of program purchase.
  3. The program version and database.
  4. Active software modules.
  5. The expiry date of the update and technical support.
  6. The date of the last update (of the version used) of the program.

In order to change the license key, click "To change the number of licenses enter a new key" present at the bottom part of the window.

Then enter the new license key and press the Unlock button.

If the key has been entered correctly, a new window will appear with the software unblocked initiation and allow you to purchase for the software license.