Margin Invoice

By default, LoMag has the most common document types available for use. The LoMag warehouse program also allows you to create a new type of document that is requested by the user. In the instructions below, we will show you how to add a new document, Margin Invoice. In the light of the VAT Act, this document may be issued by taxpayers for following cases :

1. Defining a New Document Type

In order to add a new document template, go to the software settings by clicking the settings icon in the main menu or use the shortcut key [CTRL + U]. This will display a new window with LoMag settings.

On the left side of settings window, we have a list of types of documents currently present in LoMag. Clicking a 'Create a new type' button will display a new window in which you can define a new document type.

In the new document type, specify which type of invoice our new document is associated with. Then enter the name and abbreviation for our invoice, and set a default VAT rate which in the case of a margin invoice should be NP (Not taxable). After entering all parameters, use the OK button.

After performing the above operation, a new entry will appear in the list of document types called Margin Invoice, for which we can configure its functionality on the right side of the window.

2. Issue of Documents Invoice Margin

To issue a newly added document type, click on the Documents tab and select "Margin Invoice" from the drop-down list. Performing this action will open a new window with a list of our documents for Margin Invoices.

Then use the add button to open the New Document Wizard window.

To add a new item to the document, use the add button as we know to display the window for adding the item. Choose the item you want to add from the drop-down list and set the price. Finally, use the OK button to add the item to the document.

In this way, we added the item to the document. In an already known way, add further items, save the document or print for the customer.

3. Configuring Invoice Items / Template

According to the legislator, the margin invoice must have appropriate entries on the printed document. A correctly issued VAT invoice margin should contain the following elements like the appropriate invoice marking - depending on the activity performed, the taxpayer should put the appropriate phrase:

Below you will see how to add information on the invoice margin for used items. Detailed instructions on editing documents can be found here.

To start the template editor, use the template editor button

Our table can be configured freely (hide and display columns, encode information, change column name, etc.); to do this, click the column with the left mouse button to select it in red and then click the column parameter from the left side, and the dialog box for configuring the table will be displayed.

To remove unit prices, VAT rates and other parameters from the document, click them on the right side of the column (visible columns), this will transfer these values to the hidden columns. Accept the changes by pressing the OK button.

After performing this operation, we can see that our table has only four parameters in visible columns.

To remove an unnecessary table with VAT rates from a document, click the table with the left mouse button (marking it in red) and delete it by pressing the delete key from the keyboard, or click the right mouse button on it and select the delete option from the appeared list.

In order to add information about the margin procedure, click the text value on the left and while holding it place on the document where you want to add it.

By clicking on the text field we have added (and it is highlighted with a red frame) you can complete the text. To do this, fill in the value for the 'text' line in the field configuration option on the left, in our case, we have entered the value 'margin procedure - used items' to meet the all the requirement for this type of document. This operation filled the text field on our document with the entered text value.

Clicking the printout view button will show us a window in which we will see a print preview of the document. The previously entered text field is visible where it was placed.

4. Setting the Default Template for VAT Margin Invoice

Save the template so that every time the LoMag software user does not have to configure the text field with the information of the VAT invoice margin in the template editor, you should use the option of creating a new item on the list of templates. When the user has configured his document template correctly by adding information about the margin procedure then in the upper left window, click the template icon and from the expanded menu select the Save As option.

Enter the name of the new template, in our example, "Margin Invoice" was entered, and then confirm the decision by clicking the Save button.

To set the default template for all newly created invoices with margin invoice template, go to the LoMag program settings by clicking the settings icon in the main menu, and then select the "Margin Invoice" document type on the left side of the newly opened window.

In the print template field, select the template that we created called "Margin Invoice", and then confirm the changes with the OK button. This will help each time when we create a new document for a margin invoice, its printout will be consistent with what we have included in the template editor, which we saved as "Margin Invoice".