Generating an Order to the Supplier for Supplementing the Stock Level of the Minimum Quantities

The LoMag warehouse program allows you to generate order documents to the supplier to supplement the minimum stock levels of the item. After adding a dedicated column and configuring it accordingly - the software will automatically calculate how much of the item is missing and insert the appropriate amount into the document in order to inform the supplier about the quantity of the item that has been set as the minimum level.

1. Configuring the Dedicated Column

To create a new dedicated column, open the settings window by clicking on the 'Settings' icon and then switching to 'dedicated columns' tab.

Make sure that the user has the 'Item' type selected for the table for which we want to configure a dedicated column, and then press the 'Add' button. After completing the above steps, a new window will appear in which you should enter the name (in the screenshot below it is shown as Missing) and select the type of dedicated column. Selecting the last item which is the calculated column and press the 'OK' button.

By entering the difference between the minimum state and the quantity of goods in stock - an additional column will be configured to inform us about the shortage of items in stock. Finally, press the 'OK' button twice to confirm the entry of the new column.

Detailed instructions for configuring dedicated columns can be found HERE.

2. Use of the Dedicated Column 'Missing' in Generated Orders to the Supplier

By opening the item list, the LoMag software user may notice that of the three items available in the warehouse, two of them have a lower current state than the minimum states have been set for. These are GoPro Hero black 5 whose quantity in stock is 140 pieces - with a minimum status of 200 pcs (60 Missing), and Samsung TV Remote which has 70 pieces in stock instead of at least 100.

Using the item 'Find' option, which should be launched by clicking the 'Items' module, and then selecting the find option from the drop-down menu, you can display items in stock that are less than the minimum stock level. To do this, select the minimum status option.

The next step you should take is to add a dedicated column that has been configured in the first step of this instruction in the list of searched items. To do this, right-click on the column header - this will display an additional menu in which the column layout option should be selected. Performing the above actions will open a new window for the column settings. In it, find the newly configured calculation column called 'Missing' and move it from the hidden columns to the visible columns with the forward arrow button or by double-clicking the left mouse button. After moving the column to the right (to visible positions), confirm the decision by pressing 'OK' button.

The search window now shows a column called Missing - which contains the number of pieces to be ordered from the supplier. We mark the desired item (or select a pair by holding the CTRL key and then clicking the next items with the left mouse button), then press the right mouse button, which will display an additional menu in which for a moment you need to hold the mouse cursor on 'create document' option. After the option of document selection appears, select the 'order to supplier' option.

The last step is to set the amount of items the document should have. Using our new dedicated column added, select the third option which is the 'quantity from the column' and select 'Missing'. After this, press the 'OK' button.

In this way, a document was prepared with the quantity of goods to supplement the stock level to a minimum amount. It remains only to choose the customer's account and optionally fill in additional parameters.