Negative Items on Invoices

The following instruction describes how to add a service called a deposit to include in your documents. The deposit can be a positive value if it is issued, or a negative value when the customer returns the item.

1. Adding a Service Known as Deposit

In order to add a negative / positive item in the invoice, the LoMag software user can use the option of defining 'items' as a service. To do this, go to the item list using the 'Items' option and select the item list from the drop-down menu. By clicking the 'Find' button in the main menu or using the [CTRL + T] shortcut key, a user can find any item in the displayed window. In the example below, we find a pepsi item whose capacity is 0.33 liters.

By pressing the 'Add' button, a new window will display for LoMag user with the option of adding a new item. It should be completed with the basic data such as name, group of items, unit of measure and gross price for the item (which has not been defined as a service yet).

By checking that a service (no stock levels) option, the window for adding a new item will be reduced by the parameters of the opening balance, high and low threshold quantity. This is due to the fact that services (various types) can be provided to other customers without specifying low or high stock levels.

2. Generating a Document with a Positive or Negative Position

The screenshot below shows a situation when the customer ordered 100 pieces of Pepsi drink with a capacity of 0.33 liters, for which a deposit of USD 0.57 net for each bottle was added.

After some time, the same customer informed us that he would like to place an order again for one hundred pieces of Pepsi 0.33 liter, but also will want to return 150 bottles for which a deposit of USD 0.57 net was charged. When preparing the document for the customer, it is necessary to pay the customer deposits for the surplus of 50 bottles that are returned in the form of a deposit (-0.57 USD net * 50pcs) in relation to newly issued ones. The same applies if the number of services rendered in the deposit is smaller than the one ordered - i.e. change the value of the deposit to a positive one. As you can see, the gross amount to be returned to the customer for deposit is now -35.06 USD.

It is possible to settle the deposit while maintaining the actual amount of the deposit accepted and issued when ordering. The following example is given for which 100 bail was re-issued (for newly issued 100 pepsi drinks) and a return of 150 bail bottles was accepted. As in the example below, the sum of both values gives a return amount for the customer i.e. -35.06 USD.