Notifications to email about minimum stock levels and issues of goods.

The LoMag warehouse program allows you to send e-mail notifications when the item reached to the minimum stock level in the warehouse, or issue an IGIN document. To launch the notification window, select the notification option from the items tab.

Note for notifications to work properly you must configure the parameters for your email in settings first. Detailed e-mail configuration instructions in LoMag can be studied from previous manuals.

1. Setting Notifications for the Minimum State

In order to add a new notification, press the add button which will display a new account in which we can define notifications.

In the triggering action, we select the option to ''reach the low qty threshold''. The next step is choosing whether notifications should be sent for all warehouses available in the database or for a specific one. In order to define a specific warehouse, select the name of warehouse by using the drop-down menu and by pressing the drop-down button, select the desired warehouse by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button.

Enter the e-mail addresses to which notifications should be sent when the product reaches the minimum state. It is possible to enter several addresses while separating each of them with a comma. The last field to fill is the title of the message, LoMag users can set it to whatever they want. By using the @Towar variable, the LoMag warehouse program will send a message in which the variable will be replaced with the name of the item that has reached its minimum state. After completing all fields, press the OK button to confirm the new notification.

After the operation has been completed, the new notification will be added to the list. LoMag users can edit it to make corrections or delete it by clicking add or delete buttons respectively

In stock we have items called Amica Dishwasher and Zelmer mixer for which the minimum state is set to 200 and 275 pieces, respectively. Issue GIN documents from the warehouse to check the proper functioning of e-mail notifications.

By issuing a GIN document on which there are 100 items for issue for both items, it will cause exceeding the minimum stock level, which should initiate sending notifications to e-mail boxes that were given in the settings.

After a few minutes of issue, LoMag's customer should receive notifications in their inboxes related to minimum levels for two items that have been reached in the warehouse.

2. Set up Notifications for Internal Issue

In the way we already know from first point of this manual, the notification window should be launched. Clicking the add button will display a window for defining notifications.

When configuring notifications, select the action triggering 'issue of items with an internal GIN document', this time we will use the option of sending an email for all warehouses. Enter the warehouse manager's internet mailbox address and message title using the @Towar variable. After completing all fields, press the OK button to set a new notification.

On the list of notifications, we can see a newly added item, the column called notification action contains information for what type of triggering the notification is configured, and which warehouses should be included.

When issuing an IGIN document place the items in it. This will send a notification email to the address that has been configured in the notifications as shown in the screenshots below.