Price Lists in LoMag Software

LoMag software, used for warehouse management, provides a versatile platform to its users. It enables the users to create and manage the price list of goods for different contractors. Due to this function you can easily update the list of goods for a specific contractor without filling the net or gross amount on the invoice documents, which is essential step when you want to add new goods.

1. Defining a New Price List

To open the price list, click on the items tab present at the top of the menu and select the price list from the drop-down list.

The list of existing price list will be appeared in front of your screen. It includes certain information such as currency, price type, created, modified and user details. The top row of the price list contains add, edit, delete, print and export to excel options.

Now, to add a new price list, click on the Add option. A new window will be opened for configuring a new price list as shown below;

The window of new price list allows you to define name, currency (EUR, PLN, GBP, USD and RUB) and price type (Net or Gross). It depends on you, which price and type is according to your requirement. The next step is to define the list of goods for which the price list will apply. This can be performed by clicking on the Add option. A dialogue box opens, where you can name the item, add the barcode, set Net price and explain the remarks of the desired goods.

Now choose the product/item or add a new one into the list. Define its price and confirm the settings by clicking the OK button. If you wish to add new item, you can also do that by naming and defining the details of new product.

Large number of goods/items can be added to a given price list. After adding at least one product the whole menu of the list gets activated and you can edit, delete, print or export the items in excel file.

Now, in order to assign a contractor to the price list, click on the assigned account button present at the top left corner of the window. However if you want to delete, click the cross button present next to add button. LoMag allows you to assigned unlimited contractors to a given price list. This helps the users to use the same price for ten or may be fifty contractors. But remember, only one price list can be assigned to a specific contractor. After assigning everything, save your settings by clicking the OK button.

2. Import Goods to the Price List

In order to import the list of price list from an excel file, open an existing price list and click the Import icon. The window of importing goods will be launched in front of your desktop screen. Now, for importing first select and load the excel file present in your disk.

Choose the Load the price list from a Microsoft file option present at the top of a screen. Select the file in xls format and click the open button.

The excel file will be loaded into the LoMag software. If the file is not open in the program, open in the Excel sheet. The picture shows the list of items in excel.

Confirm the settings by clicking the Price list import option present at the bottom of the screen.

After confirming the settings, software will display a message about the quantity of imported goods.

3. Use of Price List while Issuing Sales Document

In order to use user-defined price lists, choose a contractor in the sales document. For example John David which was initially defined in the step 2 of this manual. Click on the invoice option and select the name of contractor from the drop-down list.

Then select the name of product that was previously added to the price list. Let say cherries

The dialogue box appears when you select the product. As you can easily see from the picture that ''Testing New Price List'' is already set by default. This automatic calculation declares a user the net amount for a 1kg of cherries. And on the basis of this net amount, all the other amounts are already calculated. The user can only change the amount of product sold.

But if you wish to change the remaining quantities then you can also cancel the price list that is assigned to the desired contractor by using LoMag software. To do this, click the menu of the price list and select the 'none' option from the drop-down options, as it is shown in the picture below.

The 'none' option will immediately allow the user to edit the net and gross price for a given item as it is shown below.