Print the Invoice with a Percentage Discount

Users often ask questions that why after the introduction of a discount for a selected product in a percentage of 2%, the program converts it on the invoice document to a different percentage. In Poland, the smallest monetary unit is 1 grosz (Polish currency). From the law point of view, it is not possible to quote prices in fractions of any single penny on an invoice document - so the discount must be in full pennies. Thus fractions may sometimes be created in the discount. The solution may be adding the % discount column and rounding to 0 decimal places on the printouts. However, we will use USD currency for understanding.

1. Add a New Discount

In order to add a new discount, click the items tab, and then select the discounts option from the expanded list. This will open a new window with a list of discounts.

In order to add a new discount, use the 'Add' button - displaying a new window will define a new discount. In our example, we will use the simplest option and set a discount for all the customers and items with a value of 10%. To confirm the addition of a discount, use the save button.

After completing the above steps, you can see our newly configured position in the list of discounts.

2. Issuing Documents Including a Discount

When creating a new VI invoice document, you must add items to it by using the 'Add' button that opens a new window for adding the item. It is necessary to specify the goods in the manner known to us (in the example below these are potatoes), its quantity and the net price. In order to use our settings which we have defined in the first step of this manual, select 'Discount for customers and items' from the drop-down list for the discount parameter, and then confirm adding the item to the document by clicking OK.

After adding the item to the document, you can see that the discount is 10.20%, although in the first step of the instruction it was set at 10.00% - it is caused by rounding the price of goods to whole dollar values (and on this basis the LoMag warehouse program calculated the real discount for items). This calculation usually takes place at low item prices - where fractional values are created for pennies.

3. Adding a Discount Value to the Document

To start the template editor for the document, click on the 'Edit' icon. Then in the template editor window, right-click on the table - this will display a menu in which you should select the table configuration item. In this way, we will display a window responsible for managing the table.

On the left, find the value "Discount (%)" and move to the right column by double-clicking the left mouse button on the desired position, or by selecting it and then clicking the 'next' button. The completed action will transfer the Discount to visible columns. To confirm changes, click OK. Detailed instructions on how to edit templates can be found.

The introduced changes can be seen in the template editor, and on the document click on the print preview button.

4. Rounding the Discount Value

In order to display the discount value without decimal parts on the document, select the parameter Discount (%) in the table configuration, which will highlight it in blue. The next step is setting the value '0' in the number of decimal places field. After performing the described actions, confirm the settings by clicking the OK button.

By checking the print preview of the document after making the changes, we can see that the discount value is 10%.