Occurrence of SQL Server Error 5118

Sometimes, some users of the LoMag storage software face SQL SERVER ERROR 5118 during running of the program, and shows error when the program wants to connect with the SQL database existing on the computer. The error is due to the fact that the Microsoft SQL Server libraries do not support compressed disks. For the database to work efficiently, the database files must not compressed.

The above error occurs only the first time, with each subsequent run of warehouse program, it will inform us about the incorrect name of the SQL database or the lack of access for the user.

In order to repair the error, you should find the icons of the LoMag warehouse program on the desktop, and then click on it with the right mouse button - this will open the menu with options, where you should select the last option, properties.

This will display a new window in which you should press the open the 'file location' button (this solution will only work if the database has been installed by default in the same folder as the LoMag software).

In the Windows file explorer, find the folder responsible for the database, then right-click on it and select 'properties' from the drop-down menu.

In the properties window for the "Database" folder, use the 'Advanced' button to display additional attributes. Then deselect the option "Compress content to save disk space", and then press OK button.

In order to introduce changes, press the 'Apply' button. The Windows operating system will then display a window asking you whether to apply the changes only to "this folder" or additionally make identical changes to all files and subfolders located inside - select the second option and press the OK button.

If the file is used by another application, then after pressing the 'Apply' button, an error will appear, check the screenshot below (this can happen if you tried to run the LoMag software several times with the archiving field selected). In order to get rid of the error, end the process of the program that uses the file in the task manager (keyboard shortcut CTRL + ALT + DEL) and then by pressing the Try again button, or use the simplest solution which is to reset the computer and go straight to change properties for Database folder - without first running the program.

By performing all of the above operations in a correct way will result in fixing the connection error of the LoMag warehouse program with the SQL database.