Services - Adding Service Performance in Sales Documents

The LoMag warehouse program allows you to add a service to the invoice - it is a item that does not require inventory and release documents from the warehouse.

1. Defining an Item as a Service

In order to create a new product as a service, the program user select the 'Items' tab and then from the drop-down menu select the 'Item list' option or use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + T. After doing this, a list with the items defined in the software will be displayed. By clicking on the 'Add' button in the new window, you will be able to define a new item in the current warehouse.

To add a new product as a service, check the box "service (no stock levels)", which will automatically hide unnecessary parameters such as stock level. Below is an example with parameter differences for goods in which one of them was marked as a service.

Define the name (Transport), unit (Hour), group (service) and price of the item, click the OK button to save it. After saving the item as a service, it will appear in the list of the items catalog for the selected warehouse.

In order to create a new invoice in which we want to use the goods defined as a service, click on the main menu icon responsible for creating a new invoice or use the SHIFT + F11 keyboard shortcut. The user of the LoMag software will be familiar with the invoice creation window known from previous manuals, which should be filled in with the basic parameters (customer's name, product, date of purchase, payment, etc.). If the user of the LoMag program has the invoice settings option for the "Customer's account selection " then after selecting a customer's name from the list, a new window will automatically appear with the possibility of adding goods for the given invoice document. If the user of the software does not have the above-mentioned option then click the 'Add' button which will result in opening a new window for adding the item

After selecting the item from the list which we declared as "service" - no preview of the current state of the item in the warehouse will be displayed because its quantity is not specified. The screenshot below shows us the addition of goods from which one of them is a service, with the addition of visible stock levels.

After adding the services to the invoices, click on the 'save' option to save the changes. View the PDF format by pressing it or print the invoice by clicking the 'Print' button