Installing SQL Server 2012

To work in the LoMag environment, we need the Microsoft SQL Server database system. By default, when you download the LoMag software, the database system is already attached to LoMag installer. Thus you do not need its separate installation. But LoMag install Microsoft server 2005 during downloding and if you need higher or update version then separate installation is necessary. To install or update Microsoft SQL Server for the 2012 version, please download and run: or directly install from the Microsoft website by using .

After pressing the "Download" button, the website will show you the list of proposed files. Choose either 'SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe' or 'SQLEXPR32_x86_ENU.exe' file depending on system's requirement. In our case, we have downloaded the SQLEXPR_x64_ENU.exe file.

The right side of windows shows the total size and selected file.

After downloading the file, start the installation process by selecting the downloaded file.

After starting the installer, we start the installation process by clicking on "New SQL server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation" option.

In the first step, the update for SQL Server will be checked. If an update is detected, it will be installed, then click "Next". In the absence of a new SQL Server update, we also go further by clicking "Next".

Before starting the installation, read and accept the terms of the software license and click the next button.

In the next step, choose the preferred type of SQL server instance. If you do not have any SQL libraries, choose "Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2012". If you want to install a new version for LoMag, then select the "Add features to an existing instance of SQL Server 2012", and the name of the instance "SQLEXPRESS".

In the next window, click the "Select all" button to select the installation of all the features of SQL Server 2012.

Click on the next button after viewing the server configuration window.

Note!In the window below, set the authentication with the SQL server and for this purpose, select the "Mixed Mode" option. Define the password to secure server. Default LoMAg password is: mAgAzyn_2008!

The next window will display information about error reporting, you can skip this step by clicking "Next" button.

Finally the installation process starts. It takes few minutes to complete the installation procedure.

After the successful installation. The software will inform about its statuses. Finish the installation process through the "Close" button.