Transfering Database from One Computer to Another

To transfer the LoMag database to another workstation (another computer), you need to back up the database. To do this, go to the program tab present in the menu and select 'Backup Database' option.

In the next step, specify the folder where our backup is to be saved (it is possible to create a new folder). After determining the new location click on the 'save' option.

In the folder, where the copy of the database has been saved, you will find two files "firma.mdl" and "firma_log.ldf". This folder should be moved or copied to the second station, where we want to restore the data. The data can be transferred either by using a pendrive or sent by an e-mail.

After creating a backup copy in the second computer select the program tab from the menu in LoMag software and choose the 'Restore database' option.

Then specify the destination of the folder with our database and click on the OK button.

In this way, the database will be transferred from the first position to the second. The software will inform you about the above settings with the OK button.