Transferring Data between Different Documents from Dedicated Columns

The user of the LoMag warehouse program has the option of creating columns dedicated to individual modules. This instruction will show how to use the values entered into a specific column in other LoMag modules.

1. Adding Dedicated Columns

In order to add a dedicated column, launch the LoMag settings by clicking on the settings icon, it will display a new window in which you should switch the to 'Dedicated Columns' tab.

To add a column for documents select the 'elements of warehouse movement' option from the drop-down list.

By pressing the 'Add' button will launch a new window in which you can configure an additional column for selected modules.

The following example defines a column called 'no. internal' whose type is text. To confirm the parameters, press the OK button.

On the list of dedicated columns you can see a new item configured by us. Press the OK button to confirm the new settings.

To verify the changes we have made open the GIN or GRIN document. Adding a new item to the document via the add button will display a new window in which we can see a newly configured additional column.

After choosing an item called 'Remote control TV', an internal number with the value '123123' was entered and then the confirm the addition of the item in the document with the OK button resulted in adding it to the list.

An additional dedicated column is not visible on the document. You need to right-click on a random column name to display a menu from which you can select the column layout option. After selecting this item, a window for configuring column settings on the document will be displayed.

Find the column we have added and double click on it with the left mouse button, or select it with a single click and then use the forward button to move it to the right to the visible columns window. Press the OK button to confirm the changes, which will display the values on the GIN document for an additional column.

2. Transferring Dedicated Column Values from One to Another

In order to transfer the value for the dedicated column from the GIN (or GRIN) document to the invoice document (VI), as in the first point of the above instruction, go to the configuration of the dedicated columns in the LoMag warehouse program settings. Select Invoice lines from the drop-down list.

In the way we already know, configure a new column by clicking on the 'Add' button with the same name and type as in the first step of the instruction. And then confirm the changes with OK button. NOTE!!! The name must be exactly the same for the dedicated column values to be copied between documents whereas, letters are not case-sensitive.

2.1 Verify Settings

After opening a previously created GIN document from the first point, it will generate an invoice document in which you can see the transferred values for the dedicated column called no. internal

3. Adding Table Turn to move values for the Dedicated Column

A dedicated column with the same parameters can exist on several documents. In above example, the transfer of the column value from the issued documents from the warehouse to invoices is presented. In order to add the same column for documents, e.g. orders and offers, select order / offer lines option in LoMag settings and add a column with the same name and parameters as mentioned before.

When issuing a new order document from the recipient, enter the items by pressing the 'Add' button and then complete the field for no. internal. After pressing the OK button, it will be listed in the OC document.

When generating a GIN document by pressing the button, you can see that the value of the dedicated column has been transferred to the release module from the warehouse. The features described in the second point of this manual also allow you to transfer them to the invoice document by clicking the 'Generate FV' icon

4. Editing the Value of the Dedicated Column

The entered values for the dedicated column can be edited on each subsequent generated document. To change the value of no. internal in the document, which was introduced in the third point of this instruction, double-click with the left mouse button on the selected item, or by single-clicking on it. A window will open in which we can change the "internal number" confirm its new value by pressing the OK button.

The same value transfer settings for dedicated columns can be used for invoices, orders and the warehouse. To do this, when creating dedicated columns in the LoMag software settings choose the right options.