Translation of Document Templates for Foreign Languages

LoMag software gives you the ability to configure document templates in a foreign language. The user can translate selected documents or all existing documents in the system. Detailed instructions for the template editor can be found here. The following instruction describes how to translate existing documents. In order to enter new columns, parameters on the document, please use the following detailed template editor instructions.

1. Launch Template Editor

There are two ways to start the template editor, the first is to enable the settings window by clicking on the settings icon, a new window will be displayed where we can configure LoMag. Move your mouse to 'Documents' tab.

The next step is to select the type of document for which you want to edit the template, in the example below the invoice document is selected. By clicking on the template editor icon, the template editor will open for the given document type.

1.1. Editing from Invoice Document

The second way to start the template editor is to run the document you want to change. The following example starts with adding a new invoice document (you can aalso edit existing one) by using the invoice button.

Now like the previous example, click the template editor icon and press it to start the template editor.

2. Change of Language Translations

In order to change any element on the document, click on it with the left mouse button (this will highlight it in red) and find the associated text field on the left side of screen.

When translating a field into German, where the seller is called verkäufer, enter this value in this field and press enter, this will change the name of the field on the document template.

Similarly, we perform operations for all other text fields that we want to translate into German (such as date and place of sale, customers, persons issuing and receiving invoices, etc.).

By pressing the 'Print Preview' button will display a preview of the document printout where you can see the translated changes.

2.1 Change of Translations for Tables

To change the translation of column names in the table, right-click on it and select the table configuration option from the newly displayed menu.

In the table configuration window, enter the German name for the given column for all visible columns. The following example shows the change of the column name from "net price" to "Nettopreis". After making all the changes, press the OK button.

By performing the above operation will change the template editor window and generate new names for column headers in German language. The operations should be repeated also for the second table - referring to VAT rates for a given item.

3. Save the New Invoice Template

Now press the 'Save as Template' button present at the top of menu.

In order to save the template as one of the additional options for printing or generating a document, use the button and choose the 'Save as' option from the drop-down menu, this will open a new window in front of user. It is possible to overwrite existing templates or create a completely new one for this purpose, enter a name for it and press the save button.

Now, when issuing a new invoice document, the LoMag software user can choose the type of printout which contains the name of template that we saved saved in German language known as Deutschland.