Generation of two Separate Companies (or LoMag bases) on a Single Computer

When you are running a warehouse, then at sometimes managers demand two separate companies or may be two separate bases for operating the business. To prepare such layout, where you can operate multiple bases on a single desktop, you need one of these softwares;

  1. Download and install LoMag warehouse management program.
  2. Download and install Microsoft SQL server.

Dual positions with two separate databases can be performed by using one of the above methods. In this tutorial, we will explain each of the following method.

After the successful installation of the LoMag software, open the folder, where the program was initially installed. By default, the application is installed in the program files (x86) of the local disk C with the directory name of LoMag program. In my case, I've installed the software in the local disk D but that doesn't matter. See the picture below;

Open that folder LoMag and copy the entire folder (including LoMag application) in order to create two folders.

Then change the name of two folders as LoMag Company_1 and LoMag Company_2 as shown below;

Now move your cursor towards the first folder and set the access rights for its database. To do this, select the properties from the drop-down list and open the security tab. Select the user options instead of groups and then click the edit option.

Now, again select the User option in the new window

Confirm your settings by clicking the "allow" column for the item "full control".

Select the Apply button and hit the OK option.

1. Creating A multi-base position by LoMag Software

Go to the first LoMag application and run it (run as an administrator). Click the setting icon and open the Networking tab.

Now, choose the last option "this computer act as a server" and leave the default settings as it is. Change the name of database to company_1 in the advanced networking setting option.

Click the OK button after confirming the settings. Software will ask you again, click the Yes button and after that first application of LoMag will start its work with a database of company_1.

Repeat the above steps for second company and create its database but with a name of company_2. In this way we have two separate companies with different databases but they can be operated from a single operating system (computer).

Make the shortcut desktop icon of these two companies. To do this, open the folder of first application and copy the LoMag.exe file. Go to desktop window and after clicking the right mouse button select 'copy shortcut'. It is better to change the name of your shortcut with company_1. Repeat the same steps for company_2 as well. In this way, you can easily access these two companies.

2. Creating a Multi-base Job by SQL Microsoft Studio Server

Microsoft SQL studio also enables the user to design multi-bases for their multiple jobs. To do this, start your procedure by repeating the above steps for copying the LoMag software applications.

Then download and install the Microsoft SQL server and run the software as an administrator. After starting, connect it to the server by choosing SQL server authentication. Enter the login ID:sa and password: store2008 (default settings).

After successful connection, right click the database folder and select the attach option.

By using the Add button, load your databases from the folder of the first company_1 application.

In order to find the base of the company, choose the appropiate folder and select the file with the extension of mdf. In our case, select company_1.mdf. This database will be appeared on the right side of the window. Select this and click the OK button

After loading the database, select the Attach As column and change the value of the cell to Company_1

After performing this action, click the OK button. A database of company_1 will be created in the tree of database as it is shown in the picture.

Repeat the same steps for company_2. The final tree of database in the Microsoft server will be;

Now close your Microsoft SQL window and open the application of first company. Click the setting icon, select the networking tab and select the second option that is this computer is a client, connects to the server. Leave the default settings as it is and change the name of database to Company_1 as we did in the Microsoft Studio. Confirm the settings by clicking OK button.

The software will ask the final decision of user. Click the Yes option and hit the OK button. The network settings will be changed successfully.

From now on, the basis of first LoMag application will be company_1. Repeat the same steps for the company_2.

In this way, double station with different databases will be created. Make sure that you have created desktop shortcut icons because it enables the easy access of these databases and their respective companies at every time.