Issuing an Invoice Document with the Recipient

In the LoMag warehouse program, it is possible to issue invoice documents with the recipient, ie the one in which the VAT payer is a different entity than the recipient. The following instructions will show you how to configure the software to display this type of document.

1. Configuring the Customer's Settings

The 'Account' tab should be used and choose the 'customers' option from the drop-down list. This will display a new window with a list of our customers who are playing the role of recipients for our warehouse. Then in the manner known to us from previous instructions, you should edit the customer we want - by marking it with the left mouse button (it will be highlighted in blue), and then clicking the 'Edit' icon. The second way to edit is to double-click it with the left mouse button on the desired client.

In the example below, we have used a customer name "John David". In the editing window, we can see that the customer comes from ST no 253, Stowe Village, Turkey. To add another VAT payer to it, click on the 'Select payer of VAT Invoices' at the bottom of the window menu.

Performing the above operation will open a new window in which the VAT payer should be selected. In this case, select it on the list with the left mouse button and then in the bottom right corner click the select icon or either double click it. In our example, we will use the customer "Kalen Snow" from Singapore.

We can see that the value of the blue field has been changed and it is replaced by the customer's name. You should confirm the changes on the client by clicking the save button.

1.1. Replacement and Removal of the VAT payer for a given Customer

In order to exchange the VAT payer, click on the blue text box with the payer entered, it will open a new window in which you should select a new contractor in the way you like and confirm changes with the 'select' button and then proceed as in the first step of this manual. In order to delete the VAT payer, select the 'delete' button at the top right corner in the payer selection window.

By selecting the 'delete' button a new question window will be appeared asking if you want to delete the current VAT payer for a given customer. Use the YES button to confirm the settings.

When issuing a new invoice document, we will use our previously configured customer "John David". The next step is to add items to the document, which in our example are potatoes. The last step is to correctly select the print option - select the 'Invoice with the recipient' option from the drop-down list.

When printing a document using the 'Print Document' button according to the invoice with the recipient settings, we can see on the print preview the properties of the buyer and the recipient we have configured for the customer in the first step of the above instruction.