Attachment File Settings on Warehouse Documents

LoMag software has the ability to write files from the disk in the SQL database, e.g. a customer order in a PDF file or a scan document associated with the implementation of warehouse movements in the LoMag program. An example of this may be a photo of the customer's signature, who has collected the goods (as proof) from us. Files are saved in the SQL database, which means that they are available at all stations that connect to the database. The total free capacity of the database is 10GB for data, after exceeding this amount you must purchase a commercial database from Microsoft.

1. Configuring the Dedicated Column

In order to set a new column on the document, go to the LoMag program settings by clicking on its icon. This will open a window in which you can select the 'Dedicated columns' tab, and then choose the warehouse documents from the drop-down list.

By clicking the 'Add' button a new window will open with the possibility to configure a new dedicated column. Enter the name and type. The following example names an additional attachment column, and the type is specified as an attachment (from a file). After entering all parameters accurately, accept the data with the OK button.

A newly entered position has appeared on the list of dedicated columns. It is possible to set the maximum size of a single file in the lower left corner of the program. The LoMag stock program also provides the ability to configure for which specific documents an additional column is to be displayed. To do this, click on the 'setting' icon

By checking or unchecking the check box in the visibility column, we can automatically enable or disable column visibility on all documents. Click on the OK button to confirm the user settings.

2. Verification of the Settings of the Dedicated Column on the Documents

Click on the GIN document icon to issue the 'Goods Issue Notes'. A new window will be appeared in front of user screen.

By using the 'open' button you can open a window in which you can select the file that you want to attach to the document. It should be found on our hard disk, select the desired file by clicking on it and confirm the decision with the open button.

The name of the added file will be highlighted in blue and it will appear on the document. By clicking on it, the file attached to us will be opened in front of your screen. In this example, it is a graphic file, which is why windows used to open it an application named photo, in the case of .pdf files, windows will launch another suitable program for the given file in order to view it. To delete a file from the document, use the 'delete' icon.

If you try to place a too large file - the LoMag warehouse program will inform you through message. Thus the file or image will not be attached to the document.