Whitelist of VAT payers - Downloading a Bank Account Number

From September 1, 2019, a whitelist of VAT payers will apply. They will include bank account numbers of entrepreneurs to which the customers should make payments. You can check the list of account numbers at this link. LoMag warehouse software enables account verification from the level of editing customers without having to open the browser and check the data on the government website of the Ministry of Finance. NOTE! Make sure you have the software version or higher.

1. Verification of Bank Accounts of Customers

In order to verify the bank accounts of our customers, start the procedure by clicking on the accounts tab.

Then we edit the selected customer by double-clicking on it with the left mouse button, or by selecting it and pressing the edit key. This will display a window with data editing.

By pressing the verification button, the field with the bank account number will be supplemented with data that has been found in the white paper of VAT payers, and the message which will inform us after pressing the above-mentioned button.

After accepting the message with the OK button and closing it at the same time, the verification icon will change from red to green, the last step is to confirm the changes by pressing the save button.

2. Customer with Multiple Bank Accounts

There are cases when our customer has many bank accounts, then the LoMag warehouse program will display all possible account numbers. From the displayed list, the program user must select a previously agreed number with the customer. Below is an example of bank account numbers for Polish Post, which has more than 100 account numbers.

3. Customer Exempt from VAT

Our customer may run a business but may be exempt from VAT. When trying to verify such a user, then after the TIN number we will be shown a message that there is no invoice for the verified TIN of the customer on the white list of VAT payers. Then enter the account number you received from the customer.